Diseases Transmissible Between

Diseases Transmissible Between Dogs and People

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Capnocytophaga canimorsus bacteria is a bacterium that lives as in the dog mouth and causes rare but severe infections in humans who are in contact with dogs with mortality in the range of 55%. 7

– Brucellosis - WHO

My 8 year old perfectly healthy xbreed lost her sight within 8 weeks of receiving her Lepto 9 booster. I was told she has a brain tumor but I now have serious doubts as she is still with us after nearly 9 months. I feel so helpless as there is nothing I can do to establish the truth and I have lost faith in vets as I feel these boosters are more about making money than caring for my dog. Think very seriously before consenting to your pet receiving this drug, I am convinced it is responsible for my dogs blindness and nobody will help !

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The most rational approach for preventing human brucellosis is the control and elimination of the infection in animals. Pasteurization of milk is another protective mechanism. Vaccination of cattle is recommended for control of bovine brucellosis in areas with high prevalence rates. The same holds true for goat and sheep brucellosis. Eradication by testing and culling is the way to the elimination of brucellosis in regions with a low prevalence.

Though human deaths from rabies in Ontario are rare, it is still a major global problem. The World Health Organization states that tens of thousands of people die each year from rabies, most often through canine exposure. dRIT was developed by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to provide a means to test animals for rabies in developing countries, where funding and infrastructure would prohibit the traditional standard and more expensive test. dRIT has proven to be such an important tool for the diagnosis of rabies cases all over the world that the test has very recently been approved as an official diagnostic test by the World Organization for Animal Health General Assembly.

Ever since my pup had a reaction from the lepto. Vaccine he has become very aggressive in his behavior. He had a bad reaction from the vaccine and I had him treated but he now has become very aggressive. Could this be a result from the vaccine?

According to the Daily Mail , more than 7,555 adverse reactions to the vaccine, including 675 deaths, have been linked to Nobivac L9 in the last two years. 7 Reported side effects have included epileptic fits, swollen glands and blindness.

The adverse event may have been related to an underlying disease, using other drugs at the same time, or other non-drug related causes. Therefore, marketing authorization holders and the authorities are obliged in the EU to apply a causality assessment to each case indicating the likelihood of an adverse event being linked to product administration. 9  

Melioidosis is a disease that wouldn’t come to mind with a sick dog here in Canada. However, it is present in various parts of the world and is also a serious disease in people. Recognizing a case in North America is rare (and it 8767 s easy to miss since most veterinarians haven’t even heard of it, let alone seen a case before). Yet, with the amount of international dog movement, it’s something to be aware of.

My dog was mistakely given an overdose of this vaccine and now she is not eating,she is vomiting and her stool is watery.

Burkholderia pseudomallei is a bacterium that is normally found in soil and water, particularly in southeast Asian and northern Australia, but it can be found in many other countries. Since it can cause a range of illnesses in people, including life-threatening bloodstream infections and pneumonia, exposure to an infected dog that is shedding the bacterium in urine (+/- other body sites) raises concern.  However, it 8767 s important to note that the vast majority of infections in people are thought to come from soil or water exposure, and there is limited evidence of direct animal-human transmission.

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