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This is an excellent page for beginners and also for those who intend to take for mbbs....it is very very helpful...thanks a lot ..
i am just a beginner..and this was extremely helpful to me..
i will surely recommend this page to all my friends who are intending to take mbbs.
i would like to give all my mbbs friends an advice...IE. being a doctor is not a small thing...a doctor should always work sincerely that is not for money but to help the person in pain.


CBCS-Regulations and Syllabi for I & II Semester

Thank you so much..it helped me a lot to know about MBBS course,goals,syllabus,reference books etc...hank you once again for your information....thank you..

Thanks for comment and guidance. It is really important issue. there are many views going for newly students entering in MBBS course. Keep in mid there are two administrative bodies in country one is state government and one in national. So state government has there own rules ang central government has their own. Both have their medical colleges and running with both rule. So u need to decide where to get admission. If you are taking admission in state quota, you have to follow their rules and regulation like Uttarakhand. If you are going to take admission in center quota like through PMT, you have to follow their rules. So take decision according. Best

The syllabus is really detailed and portrayed efficiently. It gives a clear view of what soon to be medical students are up against and am really thankful to everyone associated for having done such a great job.
And a specail thankyou for even mentioning the reference books.
Your efforts are heartily appreciated.

I m really very thankful to you is really great experience to read this important information provided by cardially appreciate you for list of books provided for particular topics which help student like me a lot.
very very.....happy!!!!!!!!thnx.

thank u and i have a doubt that all colleges in India are following only these books are sure its a doubt for me other than that its really much useful to students who prefer to take mbbs

thank you so much for providing me the syllabus. it will surely help me a lot. i want to ask you , whether this syllabus is applicable for all medical colleges or not. please answer me as soon as possible.

sir is mbbs course is tough for normal students. as course is too wast n difficult..
and i scored only 66% marks in 67th class.
pls reply me soon.

Thanks sir for the info
I need to ask is there any difference in the standards of medical colleges studies n practical exposure across the country..
I have qualified uttarakhand pmt and though I want to pursue mbbs from there but I am having second thoughts about would I be able to come back and settle in delhi and get a job after completing mbbs from there and moreover the uttarakhand government is putting a compulsion that we have to do rotatary job across the remote areas of the state for 8 years after completing mbbs..I really want to go but I am not sure would I be able to apply here in delhi n get a good job after that..I dont want all my effort and time that I will be putting for the next years in vain..what should I do?

After reading this page, I knew more about MBBS and i recommending all the medical student if they want to know about MBBS so,this is the most amazing,awesome,help full website as well as these ,they should get more benefit through ,at the end I would only say Thank you so,much.!

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