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I sensed that a lot of the students were just trying to cram a bunch of information into their mind at one time, right before a test. But the problem was that the final and midterm were cumulative. Having a cumulative final over the entire semester was very difficult. It really made it to where if you wanted to pass this class you had to either buy an anatomy and physiology study guide or take really good notes and stay very organized.

Nasal anatomy and physiology - Intranasal

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I was part of an anatomy and physiology study guide group where we just regurgitated facts over and over, hoping to remember it for the test. I remember studying 65 and 66 hours or more just for 6 was way under the amount that was requested by our instructor. While I worked on my own anatomy physiology study guide at home, I felt that I was spending way too much time studying this information.

Connective tissue fibers form a dense network called the fibrous cardiac skeleton that reinforces the myocardium and anchors cardiac muscle fibers. Without this additional support, the vessels and valves might eventually become stretched because of the continuous stress of blood pumping through them. The cardiac skeleton also limits the spread of action potentials because it is not electrically excitable.

86) Which of the following is an accessory organ of the gastrointestinal system that is responsible for secreting insulin?

Fact: The human mind can learn anything, and with the right anatomy and physiology study guide, anatomy can become a lot easier than it is being presented in class.

Finding the right anatomy and physiology study guide that can help you pass this class has been a challenge for many people. All too often, a few classes missed or having an instructor that is moving too fast or is simply expecting too much in too little time is the culprit for a lot of unneeded stress. Stress that an anatomy and physiology study guide can solve.

For Whom : This is designed for students who are either taking human anatomy or A& P class or in need of visual review in human anatomy and basic physiology via rich-media learning.

This large mucosal surface covered with a rich vascular bed of highly permeable capillaries creates an opportunity for intranasal medication delivery. Not only will fluids cross the capillary bed into the air stream to humidify the air, but fluids delivered in the air stream onto the mucosa will also cross the capillary bed into the blood stream.[6-8] For this reason, when medications of proper concentration and molecular character are delivered onto the nasal mucosa, they are rapidly transported into the capillary bed and delivered to the patient’s circulation. (See diagram comparing nasal morphine plasma concentrations to thos e of intramuscular and oral morphine ).

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