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There were plenty of mushrooms growing in Vrindavan, do you find Mother Yasoda offering Krishna mushrooms in the Krishna book? No

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Because as I tried to explain before everything belongs to Krishna therefore everything is meant for the service of Krishna, for the pleasure of Krishna, so if we take things for ourselves, for our own pleasure and try to enjoy them without first offering them to Krishna then we become thieves. If we take something that belongs to Krishna and use it for ourselves then we have stolen it from Krishna and we become sinful thieves.

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So the matra chanting is very nice and very auspicious but the real consciousness that we are cooking for Krishna has to be there and the real love and devotion has to be there in the cooking.

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No. Cooking for Krishna is not a ritual. It is cooking for Krishna. And if you actually make a nice offering with love for Krishna He will come to your house and eat it and His great mercy is that you will find still the remnants are there on the offering plate and that is maha-prasadam and if you honer the maha-prasadam then you will make unlimited spiritual advancement.

I also offer to Krsna the food I give to my rescued guinea pigs and the wild rats that live underground in my lovely orchard garden. Sometimes my guinea pigs pass one of the rats when I let them run free outside, and they are all friendly together. Even the local cats are friendly with them. Perhaps its the effect of the prasadam they eat? Thank you Madhudvisa for the lovely articles you write. Hare krsna


Name: Ricardo Parra
Location: Bogotá, Colombia (SA)

I am a Maths teacher, specialist in bilingual education, and now the first Latin-American Certified Vedic Maths Teacher under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Williams. I teach Regular and Vedic Maths online in Spanish, Italian and English.

Try to convince him to read some of Srila Prabhupada 8767 s books. He is your husband and obviously has become somewhat purified by your good association and your Krishna consciousness so I am sure if you can get him to actually read even some small books from Srila Prabhupada he will find the philosophy interesting and that will help him to increase his devotion to Krishna. You don 8767 t have to worry very much what he has to do at work really but at least at home if he has a little devotion to Krishna then he should be happy to cook the way Krishna wants.

Krishna 8767 s devotees sometimes get caught in all sorts of strange occupations. And although it would be better if you were not involved in cooking meat, still Krishna explains to Arjuna in the Gita that in every occupation there are some imperfections. Arjuna was a ksatriya, a warrior, and his duty was to fight and due to the strange political situation which caused the battle of Kuruksettra Arjuna was in the difficult position of having to fight with an opposing army which consisted of his friends and family members So it was a very difficult thing for Arjuna but Krishna told him that in every occupation there are imperfections and just because there are some imperfections it does not mean that one should give up his occupation.

Name : Padmanab Sridhar R
Location : India, Karnataka, Bangalore, Bangalore East
Contact details : +96 - 9895888567
Am a Software Engineer turned Business Analyst working in a MNC. Hail from an semi-orthodox Tamil Brahmin family.
Have known about Vedic Mathematics since my teens.
Since am busy during the weekdays, will be available only during the weekends. Since don’t have a formal classroom facility, can only teach at my residence.
Would prefer to take students with a Basic understanding of operations, BODMAS rule. Students who are 6th std and above would be preferred. My kannada knowledge is minimal and the language of instruction will mostly be English. (Other languages known Tamil and Hindi)

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