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The Wheel of Time Is Officially Coming to Television

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 17:43

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The Wheel of Time is one of literature’s greatest achievments in epic fantasy. It was written by the late Robert Jordan, and completed posthumously by his successor, Brandon Sanderson.

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Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time is a story that takes place both in our past and our future. In his fantasy world, the Dark One, the embodiment of pure evil, is breaking free from his prison. The overall plot is about a man who learns that he is the reincarnation of the world's messiah and is once again destined to save the world from the Dark One -- but possibly destroy it in the process. This saga is not only his story, but the story of an entire world's struggle to deal with war and change, destruction and hope.

May the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.

The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan

is a fan-maintained website dedicated to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy series. It is an online community of people from all over the world who have come here to experience the series to the fullest.

Either way, picking up the TV rights is fantastic because it means another great fantasy series will get more mainstream exposure. That will introduce new readers to both the series and the fantasy genre. Look how many people picked up A Song of Ice and Fire thanks to Game of Thrones. The more people we have reading, the better.

I can t believe we didn t get to see Lan and Nynaeve s wedding! They re my favorite WoT couple. No, instead we had to make time for about a million glares and sniffs as the Aes Sedai, Kin, and Windfinders spend about forever walking a few miles to the farm.

Obviously since we ve grown a bit since then, the problem of things being spoiled has escalated a bit. Also, please keep in mind it s fairly easy to moderate posts because spoilers in their titles are usually staring us in the face, but me and Paulish do not look at every comment in every post, so catching spoilers there can be tough unless we have you guys informing us of when it happens. Ill be editing the sidebar so the bit about spoilers is a little more apparent, and I ll also be making a sticky about the spoiler policy.

Don t get me wrong, I love the latter, but there are aspects of the battle in Cairhein that make me love it even more. As epic as the actual battle of DW is, I liked even more how the Battle in Cairhein focused on the downtime between all of the skirmishes.

Does anyone have a playlist of songs or albums they like listening to that accompanies well with the series. I think I have heard of some sort of unofficial soundtrack having been made but was wanting a couple hours of background music to play. Thanks.

Then, Rand gets a coded note from Mazrim Taim about blackberry bushes which is pretty obviously saying that Taim went recruiting for the Dragon Reborn in the Two Rivers. I have so many questions! Does Tam know? I ve been waiting for Tam to find out about Rand for the entire series and you mean to tell me it happens off screen!

I know this quote is said often throughout the books by Rand and Lan but, when was it first said? I thought it was in the eye of the world but, I can’t find the chapter it’s in. Thanks for any help!

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