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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) YIFY - Download

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This is one of the few perfumes that compleatly had me at the first sniff! I still remember standing in the department store in Corfu on my holidays thinking I should smell something new and just picked this bottle because it was the closest unknown I could find.

I was amazed! This is exacly what I want! I ended up using it all summer and I smelled great! )

I totally love the spices, it's unik because it really is spicy, edgy and still fresh at the same time. So many perfumes fail to deliver in that category.

It's not easy to smell edgy, fresh, deep and intresting at the same time but Declaration really does. It's both male and feminime with an egde. I think this might be The One for me. I havn't gor tired of it yet so I think we have a great future with many happy years to come, me and Declaration.

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Albert ran out, thoughts tumbling out of his head. No time now. His back braced against the bedroom door, two Chinamen with derby hats and Lugers came in. He fired, dropped one. The other swung a powerful left. Albert turned his head and caught the impact on his shoulder. He crumpled but knew they were after Anne and stumbled to his feet.

Declaration Cartier cologne - a fragrance for men 1998

I look at her and see only what I took from Callista. I touch her and see Callista 8767 s true form. She wants me to pay attention to her, to love her, to answer her endless silly child questions. But I can 8767 t. Her existence is pain to me. She is my unfixable mistake.

I picked up this perfume for my wedding and I still believe it was the right regrets!Just one point, it's not longlasting. You have to carry with you all day long!

This starts off with soooo much pepper, I nearly washed it off but from the reviews here I said to myself "No, bear with it", I'm glad I did as the drydown is lovely, very feminine and pretty, and worth the wait.

Grace 8767 s answer disappoints me. Oh, she 8767 s a good girl. Always bustling about, helping me, keeping me comfortable. But her lack of curiosity is lamentable. Doesn 8767 t she know that a woman my age possesses a great many secrets? And some secrets want to be shared. I 8767 ve already shared them with my cat, Dear Lady Maurice, who, I suspect, has told all of the mice in the attic. Lady Maurice can be such a tattler sometimes. The dear thing.

Gorga lived in a hole in the ground. It wasn 8767 t a nasty hole filled with worms and ugliness. It was a hobbit hole filled with loveliness. Wooden beams. Clean stone floors. And a pantry that was always well stocked.

This was a fragrance I loved for spraying on my linens only. The few times I wore it, I felt, alone, cold, and homesick?! Smells like clean linen, but in an eerie way..
I'll bet it would be great to cool you down a bit, but the scent is not for me.

(this is a 5* masterpiece according to Luca Turin..hmmmmm)

I 8767 m not even out of college yet, but I can easily see the strong emotion you put into this. Whether this was true for you or someone you know or not, brilliant work.

I loved the werewolf line. That was just too funny. I liked the repetition of bloody but there were a few other close repeats that could use some cleaning up. Mostly because they make the bloody seem excessive but if they were removed it would be a very amusing repetition. I was groaning, thinking this was an overly humanized monster story, but then the end chilled me. It was perfect, dark, wonderful.

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