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9 Shaping the Sound Adjusting channel R xE9 glage des niveaux de volume levels volume du canal Depending on your room and where you x7569 re Selon la pi xE8 ce et l x7569 endroit o xF9 vous vous sitting, you may want to adjust the relative asseyez, il se peut que vous souhaitiez volumes of one or more speakers for a r xE9 gler les volumes correspondants xE5 .


8 Mise en service Utilisation du Using the setup Setup Navigator navigator Avant la lecture de disques, nous Before playing any discs, we strongly conseillons vivement d x7569 utiliser le Setup recommend using the Setup Navigator. This makes all the basic system settings for Navigator.

Pioneer HTP-074 Channel 4K ULTRA AVR Home Theatre

5 Utilisation du lecteur DVD Switching audio Changement de la language langue audio (DVD only) When playing a DVD disc recorded with (DVD seulement) dialog in two or more languages, you can xC5 la lecture d x7569 un disque DVD enregistr xE9 switch audio language anytime during avec des dialogues dans deux langues ou playback.

7 Controls and Displays CONDITION x7568 Indicates playback settings (condition) CONDITION x7568 Indique que les r xE9 glages de lecture are memorized. (condition) sont m xE9 moris xE9 s. TITLE x7568 Indicates a title playback. TITLE x7568 Indique la lecture d x7569 un titre. TOTAL x7568 Indicates total playback time of disc side currently TOTAL x7568 .

7 Utilisation de la minuterie Checking the timer V xE9 rification des r xE9 glages settings de la minuterie If you x7569 ve set the wake-up timer, you can Si vous avez r xE9 gl xE9 la minuterie de r xE9 veil, check the settings anytime. Here x7569 s how to vous pouvez v xE9 rifier les r xE9 glages xE5 do it.

9 R xE9 glages du DVD Changing your password Changement de votre mot de passe Select Password Change. S xE9 lectionnez Password Change. Audio Video Language General Parental Lock: Confirm Code Number Audio Video Language General Parental Lock: Confirm Code Number Enter 9 x7568 Digit Code Move Enter 9 x7568 Digit Code RETURN.

In conclusion, while the new Zappiti range takes on the overall design of the previous range, the 8 new media players of the Zappiti 9K HDR range go much further than their predecessors with improved video and sound quality perfect auto-framerate, increased performance, many new features, and broader connectivity. The media players also offer reliable performance, a tablet app, programmable backlit remote control and a remarkably simple and intuitive media center with movie cover system. The Zappiti 9K HDR is the ultimate choice for anyone wishing to enjoy the best of multimedia!

9 Configuration du son Notes Remarques x7577 The DSP effects cannnot be used with x7577 Les effets DSP ne peuvent pas s x7569 utiliser 96kHz/79-bit sources, or in combina- avec des sources de 96kHz/79-bit, ou tion with the Dolby/DTS mode. combin xE9 s avec le mode Dolby/DTS. x7577 .

6 Before You Start Features Caract xE9 ristiques xF7 xF7 Superlative audio performance with Dolby Performance audio sup xE9 rieure avec Dolby Digital* and DTS** software Digital* et logiciel DTS** Your new DVD Surround System delivers breathtaking sound Votre nouvelle cha xEE ne DVD Surround fournit une quality with Dolby Digital and DTS discs, and is also extraordinaire qualit xE9 .

68 Information additionnelle Screen sizes and disc Tailles d x7569 xE9 cran et formats de formats disque The table below shows the effect of various TV Screen settings La table ci-dessous montre l x7569 effet de divers r xE9 glages de TV on the different kinds of disc available. Screen sur diff xE9 rents types de disques disponibles.

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