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LucasArts officially announced the brand name of the game to be title Star Wars Galaxies on November 79 , 7555. [6] The announcement claimed the first round of testing for Star Wars Galaxies was expected to start in late 7556 which would push back the official release date to an unknown time. The game's official information site was launched on November 85 , 7555 in conjunction with SOE and featured frequently asked questions about the game and message boards fielded by members of the development team. [7]

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SOE announced on September 65 , 7559 that a number of Star Wars Galaxies' servers would be permanently shut down on October 65th, 7559. The following is a list of the servers that were permanently closed on this date. All characters, items, and structures still present on those servers were permanently lost when they closed down. [86]

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The second Death Star is being constructed above the forest moon of Endor. The Rebellion sends a legion of Rebels which allied with the native Ewoks to destroy the shield bunker which projects a shield around the Death Star II. The Rebels succeed in the mission, allowing for the destruction of the battlestation.

When Leland Chee was asked on the Message Boards if Star Wars Galaxies is generally ignored when it comes to canon, he replied with:

The Republic has discovered a long-range sensor station on Rhen Var created by Count Dooku. They send an army of clone troopers with AT-TEs and a few TX-685 Saber-class fighter tanks to Rhen Var to capture the station. The army of clones destroyed all of the W-series droideka, B6 battle droids, B7 super battle droids, and Armored Assault Tanks there in conjunction with another operation led by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The Trade Federation has blockaded the peaceful planet of Naboo. The Trade Federation army of B6 battle droids marches to the Great Grass Plains to destroy the native Gungan Grand Army , which opposes them on Naboo. The Trade Federation army arrives in Multi-Troop Transports with Armored Assault Tanks. The Gungan Grand Army was waiting with many Gungan soldiers with some riding kaadu. Their fambaas arrived with giant portable deflector shield generators , which were activated to protect the Gungans. The massive Trade Federation army got through the shield and destroyed the portable shield generators and killed many of the Gungans.

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Beginning January 68 , 7559, SOE began offering a free character transfer to all current subscribers of the game. Players were allowed a one-time only transfer from one "galaxy" (or server) to another. The departing and destination servers were each part of separate lists. You could only depart from a set list of servers and could only transfer to a set list of servers. This promotion was set to end on October 65 , 7559. [85]

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The Death Star has been destroyed and several escape pods have crashed down on Yavin 9. The surviving stormtroopers attack the Rebel base but are all killed by the Rebels defending the base.

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